Lies by T.M. Logan

I want to thank St Martin’s Publishing (one of my favorite publishers) and Netgalley for letting me read this for my honest review.

Lies is a story about Joe who is driving home with his young son. On their way home, the son spots his wife’s car. Joe is surprised by this and their son Will of course wants to go see his mom. They follow his wife to soon find her in a hotel having what seems to be an arguement with a gentleman friend (Ben) of theirs. Joe tries to get his wife’s attention after they leave, but has no such luck. He runs into Ben and has a confrontation with him that changes his life forever. It just gets so crazy from there!

I shouldn’t have started this book when I did because WOW. It had me along for the ride right away. I got sucked into it so quickly, I forgot to breathe. I didn’t put it down until I finished it. These are my kind of novels! I was afraid I was reading it too quickly because I wasn’t sure I wanted the story to end. I devoured this. The character developement was wonderful. I felt for Joe, I truly did! I was as nervous as he was, if not more! Sometimes it would get annoying to see Joe being so trusting. I wanted to hit him in the head some times and say, “ugh, can’t you see what’s happening here?!” I guessed a few of the incidents that came up which were typical for a story like this. It is a super quick read. The chapters are short and leave you with cliff hangers so you keep going for more. It’s also written extremely conversational at times so I could almost read it like a play in my opinion. I really enjoyed the social media aspect to it because it’s something I totally could relate to. It’s creepy, but totally believable. The ending though, oh mannnn. What an ending! I predict this is going to be a top seller. I would love to read another novel by Logan!

5/5 Stars

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