Dead Letters by Caite Dolan-Leach


I feel like I usually hit the nail on the head when I choose my Book of the Month Club picks. I don’t always get the book of the month, but this one caught my attention real fast.

Ava had been across seas finishing her undergraduate degree when she got word that her twin sister had died. She flew back home to her crazy divorced parents (okay, her mom is the only one who’s completely insane) to help figure out what happened to Zelda. Come to find out, Ava is receiving emails from Zelda as if she is still alive. Cue the wild goose chase.

Nope, didn’t like it one bit. I was so upset that I didn’t like it because the idea of the story line had so much potential! I really did love the idea behind this novel! I picked it up as soon as it arrived, read the first 8 chapters (I was intrigued so far!), put it back down to only be picked up again months later. I STILL could hardly even finish it. I even had to text my friend to help coach me into finishing this one. It never truly grabbed me. The characters were dull and boring in my opinion and I just couldn’t get past that. Zelda was just annoying as crap and I felt bad for Ava trying to chase her down.  The romance between Ava’s old love was just dry. I felt no emotion for them whatsoever. I would’ve given up on this wild goose chase if I was her. Sorry Caite….maybe next novel?

2/5 Stars

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