The Hound of Justice by Claire O’Dell

I love this community in the fact that it teaches me to read about books that I would not normally pick up on my own or even know about. This series fits that circumstance. I feel like I read less about books with POC not on purpose, but just because I am not well educated in which books that I need to put on my radar. That’s where I lean on my book community like you guys to show me the way. You know I love me a good mystery, so this sounded perfect to me.

Thank you TLC Book Tours for gifting me copies in exchange for my honest review.

Synopsis: Dr. Janet Watson and former covert agent Sara Holmes, introduced in the acclaimed A Study in Honor, continue their dangerous investigation into the new American Civil War with the help of fresh allies, advanced technology, and brilliant deduction in this superb reimagining of Sherlock Holmes. It’s been two months since Dr. Janet Watson accepted an offer from Georgetown University Hospital. The training for her new high-tech arm is taking longer than expected, however, leaving her in limbo. Meanwhile, her brilliant friend and compatriot, Sara Holmes, has been placed on leave–punishment for going rogue during their previous adventure. Neither is taking their situation very well. Then an extremist faction called the Brotherhood of Redemption launches an assassination attempt on the president. The attempt fails but causes mass destruction—fifty dead and hundreds more injured, and Holmes takes on the task of investigating the Brotherhood. Holmes is making progress when she abruptly disappears. Watson receives a mysterious message from Holmes’s cousin Micha and learns that her friend has quit the service and is operating in the shadows, investigating clues that link the Brotherhood to Adler Industries. She needs a surgeon, Micha tells Watson. She needs you. Reunited once more, Dr. Watson, Holmes, and Micha embark on a mission through the deep South to clear Holmes’s name, thwart the Brotherhood’s next move, and most important, bring their nemesis to justice for the atrocities she’s committed in the New Civil War

This one is a bit difficult for me to review. I say that because, as previously stated, I have not much experience in reading books with POC characters (maybe I have more experience than most, it’s hard to tell in such a large book-loving community). I especially don’t have much experience in reading books with POC characters written by a white woman. Leaving those two facts aside for you to interpret how you feel best if choosing this for your next read, I thought this was a cool book. TLC books gave me the prequel to this and I thoroughly enjoyed that read much more than this one. I think the concept of these books with being a flip on Sherlock Holmes is super neat. I don’t feel like this book lived up to it’s future-esque setting as supposedly portrayed in the book. Would I read this series again? Probably not. Was I glad I did? Yes! There is a lot of political push in this book which I tend to steer far away from when reading, so I figured I would mention that as well.

3/5 Stars

3 thoughts on “The Hound of Justice by Claire O’Dell

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  2. Oh I agree, the book community always convinces me to go a little out of my comfort zone and then a little more, etc and I love it because I know without that encouragement I probably wouldn’t. Also, your comment about POC characters, I agree. I don’t know if it’s we just aren’t reading them OR are they just not being used? Of the top of my head, aside from these books, I can think of one other with a POC as a main character and that’s really too bad because sometimes we get stuck in the same tropes, same characters, and I think it needs to be shaken up and I love that this author is doing that. ANYWAYS, thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours

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