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The Oracle Year by Charles Soule


My husband and I are into watching tons of Marvel related shows. In fact, we just saw Avengers Infinity Wars and oh my gosh…that’s just a whole other story. Anyways, we are huge fans of Marvel and one of our favorite shows include Daredevil on Netflix. The reason I bring that up is because the author of this novel writes for Daredevil comics and even Star Wars comics (as you can probably tell from my blog name, I’m a sci-fi geek as well). When this novel came out last month, I just had to get it. Mostly because I figured this would be something both my husband and I could enjoy together. But also because it sounded amazing.

Will Dawson wakes up one morning to 108 visions about the future within a 3 year time span. His life as a muscian is about to change forever when he teams up with a buddy to start selling the predictions to become some of the wealthiest people on Earth. They set-up a website that soon takes the attention of every peson on the globe. The problem is, this power is eating Will alive and he is trying to figure out how he can bring good to the world with these predictions at hand. He’s starting to think there is a reason why he has been given these predictions.

The book was okay. I love the premise, and it kept me reading to find out exactly what happens, but it was slow. It didn’t flow very easily. I had a hard time keeping up with the different story lines going on at once between the multiple characters. I will say, I am not a fan of multiple points of view in novels, but I thought I could look past that in this book. Not so much. The Oracle has an epiphany in the middle of the book between what he thinks is happening and what he can do about it which was really intriguing to read about. I stopped reading to sleep on it once I read it to let it soak in before continuing to read it. There were multiple characters that I wanted to hear more about. In fact, I would actually go back through the book to re-read descriptions of what was happening with them because it was taking so long to hear from them again. They weren’t as developed as I thought they should be. I will be passing the book on to my husband to read and it may be a book I need to pick up and re-read again to let it really soak in. Honestly, it would have been better if it were a comic.

3.5/5 Stars