The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward

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If Stephen King is giving this one high praises, it has to be good!

Thank you Tor Nightfire for my gifted ebook in exchange for my honest review.

Synopsis: In a boarded-up house on a dead-end street at the edge of the wild Washington woods lives a family of three. A teenage girl who isn’t allowed outside, not after last time. A man who drinks alone in front of his TV, trying to ignore the gaps in his memory. And a house cat who loves napping and reading the Bible. An unspeakable secret binds them together, but when a new neighbor moves in next door, what is buried out among the birch trees may come back to haunt them all.

I’ve been holding off on this book until October came around. This one is very different. Part of the book is told from the perspective of the house cat. Odd? Completely. Unique and interesting? Totally! If you are looking for a different twist on a horror novel, this is the book for you. There isn’t much else I want to share bout this book because the less you know, the crazier of a ride reading it will be. Just make sure you read the afterward when you do finish the book because that will make everything make sense in the end!

4/5 Stars

The Immortal Gene by Jonas Saul


I am happy to participate as a TLC Book Tour host today for The Immortal Gene by Jonas Saul.

This story takes off describing a dark family mass murder from a serial killer who keeps getting away with it. We quickly learn about Jake Wood, who is a cop in the same town as these murders. He hears about the latest family and wants in on the case. Instead, his best friend contacts him and begs him to travel to Brazil to help save his life. He’s about to get married and wants a break on the case, but he has to go save his friend. While he travels, he gets caught up in his best friend’s science experiment. As he’s reading about their studies, he gets bit by a snake and almost dies. Months later, he wakes up in a hospital a different person. What happened to him? Are they going to catch the serial killer? Are these two things linked?

WOW! This blew my mind! This is incredibly dark and twisted, but fast-paced and oh so captivating. I read the entire book in one sitting. I will say it was a little too dark for my liking, but I could NOT put it down. The chapters are short and to-the-point. Saul never pulls your attention away for one minute. I got a pretty nice Stephen King vibe from it, but loved this even better. I am a biology teacher by trade, so I appreciated the science technology behind the book. Dang, this was a good one. Science-fiction meets horror meets mystery/thriller/suspense. Nicely done! It’s not for the faint of heart, but I’m ready to read the next book ASAP!

4.5/5 Stars

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