My Sweet Girl by Amanda Jayatissa


The best thing about being around others who love books as much as you do, you learn about so many good books that you would’ve never picked up ever before.

Thank you Berkley for my gifted copy in exchange for my honest review.

Synopsis: Ever since she was adopted from a Sri Lankan orphanage, Paloma has had the best of everything—schools, money, and parents so perfect that she fears she’ll never live up to them. Now at thirty years old and recently cut off from her parents’ funds, she decides to sublet the second bedroom of her overpriced San Francisco apartment to Arun, who recently moved from India. Paloma has to admit, it feels good helping someone find their way in America—that is until Arun discovers Paloma’s darkest secret, one that could jeopardize her own fragile place in this country. Before Paloma can pay Arun off, she finds him face down in a pool of blood. She flees the apartment but by the time the police arrive, there’s no body—and no evidence that Arun ever even existed in the first place. Paloma is terrified this is all somehow tangled up in the desperate actions she took to escape Sri Lanka so many years ago. Did Paloma’s secret die with Arun or is she now in greater danger than ever before?

The best thing I can say is, try to take as little from the synopsis as possible. I think just opening this book and reading it right away with fresh eyes is the best thing ever. The writing is absolutely superb. The story itself is very similar to other thrillers, but I appreciated the cultural twist added to this one! If you read a lot of thrillers or mysteries, I think this is a toss up. You will probably guess the twists early on, but I really don’t want you to miss out on how well this was written. All in all, a great debut. I can’t wait to see more from this author!

4/5 Stars

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