The Unwelcome Guest by Amanda Robson


I have to admit – I think they did an awesome job with this cover artwork! I mean, if I saw this on the bookshelf, I would be immediately drawn to it right away! As I am now into reading it…

Thank you Avon books for my gifted ebook in exchange for my honest review.

Synopsis: Saffron vowed to love Miles no matter what life threw at them both. But when her mother-in-law moves into their happy family home, Saffron’s shiny life begins to tarnish. Even as Caprice’s barbed comments turn to something more sinister, Saffron hopes the new nanny’s arrival will shield her from the worst of it. She’s starting to feel paranoid in her own home. Little does she realize that Caprice longs for a new daughter-in-law – and she’ll do anything to make that happen… 

There are a lot of mother-in-law thrillers out there. I mean, a LOT. That being said, this wasn’t any different than any other stories like this. The only difference was the amount of point-of-views this story was told in. There are a lot of characters mixed into this plot and hearing the story from all of their perspectives was a lot for me. They were a bunch of crazy characters, that’s for sure. It’s a fast-paced read if you’re in the mood for something quick and wild. I just couldn’t get on board with this one…

2/5 Stars

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