Tell Me When You Feel Something by Vicki Grant

With summer coming up, I’m getting my young adult fiction vibes. I LOVE reading young adult novels in the summer time. I mean, yes, I love reading them at all times, but there’s something just so addicting about a good YA summer book!

Thank you Penguin Teen for my gifted ebook in exchange for my honest review.

Synopsis: It seemed like a cool part-time program — being a simulated patient for med school students to practice on. But now vivacious, charismatic Viv lies in a very real coma. Cellphone footage just leads to more questions. What really happened? Other kids suspect it was not an intentional overdose — but each has a reason why they can’t tell the truth. Through intertwining and conflicting narratives, a twisted story unfolds of trust betrayed as we sift through the seemingly innocent events leading up to the tragic night. Perhaps simulated patients aren’t the only people pretending to be something they’re not . . .

I really wanted to like this one so much! I thought it was such a cool premise, but there were way too many characters and such short snippets of what truly happened. If there were two points of view with more in-depth details, this would be so much better. It was tough to stick this one out all the way through. There also should be multiple trigger warnings for this one.

2/5 Stars

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