The Photographer by Mary Dixie Carter

Do you have a bookish item that you like? I have officially found my new favorite! This viewfinder brings back all the nostalgia from when I was little! Take a look at what’s inside:

Thank you Minotaur Books for my gifted copy in exchange for my honest review.

Synopsis: As a photographer, Delta Dawn observes the seemingly perfect lives of New York City’s elite: snapping photos of their children’s birthday parties, transforming images of stiff hugs and tear-stained faces into visions of pure joy, and creating moments these parents long for. But when Delta is hired for Natalie Straub’s eleventh birthday, she finds herself wishing she wasn’t behind the lens but a part of the scene―in the Straub family’s gorgeous home and elegant life. That’s when Delta puts her plan in place, by babysitting for Natalie; befriending her mother, Amelia; finding chances to listen to her father, Fritz. Soon she’s bathing in the master bathtub, drinking their expensive wine, and eyeing the beautifully finished garden apartment in their townhouse. It seems she can never get close enough, until she discovers that photos aren’t all she can manipulate.

This was such a unique story! This wasn’t bad for a debut thriller, but the ending made me a little crazy. I wasn’t left with a satisfied wrapped up story this time around, and I really wanted one here! It was entertaining and written well which didn’t leave me completely disappointed. This is a true obsession story that will be highly talked about this summer.

3.5/5 Stars

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