The Duke Undone by Joanna Lowell


I was in the mood for something light, upbeat, and flirty – so I decided to dive into this one!

Thank you Berkley Books for my gifted ebook in exchange for my honest review.

Synopsis: When Royal Academy painting student Lucy Coover trips over a naked man passed out in an East End alley, she does the decent thing. She covers him up and fetches help. Trouble is, she can’t banish his muscular form from her dreams as easily. She finds herself compelled to put every detail down on canvas. What she doesn’t know is that she’s painting the infamous Duke of Weston, and that her life will never be the same. A second son, Anthony Philby thought he could flee his brutal family legacy and become his own man. Forced back to London by his brother’s death, he inherits a fortune… with strings attached. One scandal will sink his bid for independence. It’s in his best interest to burn Lucy Coover’s shocking painting and pretend he never met the bewitching young artist. Instead, he finds himself offering a devil’s bargain. He’ll save her aunt’s dressmaking shop from ruin, if she’ll seek out his missing sister, Effie. As they work together, an unexpected passion ignites between them. But the hunt for Effie leads to unexpected danger, and soon they find themselves risking everything… for a love that might destroy them both. 

This is definitely light, upbeat, and very flirty! This is the start of a new series, and I have a feeling that those who love this book will be really happy about that! First of all, I absolutely love the cover! It’s stunning! Secondly, if you are a fan of the Bridgerton series as of lately, I think this will be right up your alley! It was a little cheesy for me, but then again…I’m all for intense emotions whether good or bad. I just felt like this had a lot going on (alcohol, PTSD, emotional abuse, etc.) just to say that it included it. I’m probably not the best reader for this novel, but I can see where a lot of people are really going to love this one!

3/5 Stars

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