The Lost Village by Camilla Sten

Part of my childhood was where the Blair Witch Project was filmed, so when I saw this book was advertised to dabble in it’s features, I was intrigued!

Thank you Minotaur Books for my gifted copy in exchange for my honest review.

Synopsis: Documentary filmmaker Alice Lindstedt has been obsessed with the vanishing residents of the old mining town, dubbed “The Lost Village,” since she was a little girl. In 1959, her grandmother’s entire family disappeared in this mysterious tragedy, and ever since, the unanswered questions surrounding the only two people who were left—a woman stoned to death in the town center and an abandoned newborn—have plagued her. She’s gathered a small crew of friends in the remote village to make a film about what really happened. But there will be no turning back. Not long after they’ve set up camp, mysterious things begin to happen. Equipment is destroyed. People go missing. As doubt breeds fear and their very minds begin to crack, one thing becomes startlingly clear to Alice: They are not alone. They’re looking for the truth…But what if it finds them first? 

I absolutely loved the creepy, eerie tones throughout this story. The author did an excellent job at keeping the atmosphere to match exactly what I predicted this story to read like. If you don’t like a horror suspense story, this may not be for you. On the other hand, the ending was not believable. It seemed way out of left field and lead to some disappointment. It’s imaginative, but I wanted something more, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. In all, I’m still super drawn the the documentary setting trying to solve a mystery. You don’t see that often!

3.5/5 Stars

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