Vooks Book App

If you’re like me, you’re really feeling guilty at this point about tablet time for your kiddos. I’ve been really good about limiting time on the tablet while she is home with me, but sometimes it’s not an option. I work full-time at home and occasionally need a moment to distract my 3 year old with something that’s entertaining yet educational.

In comes Vooks! This is an awesome app brings books to life! There are books for ages 2-8 and all occasions. They update their library very often. In fact, The Snowy Day was a featured book last winter and they have new ones for this season. My daughter’s current favorite book to watch is Happy Thanksgiving Curious George!

Want to try it out? Click here to score a 30 day free trial with educational materials to go along with each book. If you are a homeschooling parent or teacher, you can score access for your classroom for free!

Let me know in the comments if your kiddos use this app!


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