Don’t Turn Around by Jessica Barry

Jessica blew me away by her first book “Freefall” that came out last year. It’s with much joy that I got to read her latest novel this past week!

Thank you Harper Books for my gifted copy in exchange for my honest review.

Synopsis: Midnight. Cait Monaghan and Rebecca McRae are on a desolate road that slices through the New Mexican desert. They’ve never met before tonight. Both have secrets to protect. Both of their lives are in danger. When a truck pulls up fast behind them, they assume it’s punk teenagers or run-of-the-mill road rage, but it soon becomes clear that whoever is driving the truck is hunting them for sport—and they are out to draw blood. As the miles unspool and the dangers mount, the pasts they’ve worked so hard to keep buried have come back to haunt them. Someone wants one of them dead. But which one? And given the lives the two women have been leading, that someone could be almost anyone. If Cait and Rebecca are going to survive, they’ll have to learn to trust one another—and themselves. But trust is a costly business, and they’ve both paid the price before. . .

I loved Freefall so much that I think I went in with too high of hopes for this one. I love Jessica’s writing style as it’s edgy and captivating, but the potential thrill of an ending did not satisfy me here. The story had a wonderful build-up and the characters were extremely likable and relatable, but the ending just fell flat. I’d still recommend reading this one just because of the writing style and character development. It’s totally worth that in the least!

3/5 Stars

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