What Does Your Soul Love by the Fadlings

Isn’t that the question everyone is asking? “What does your soul love?” If that’s not a deep question, then I don’t know what is. I honestly just had to get this book to read and find out!

Thank you InterVarsity Press for my gifted copy in exchange for my honest review.

Synopsis: What do you really want? What is your soul clinging to? What is getting in your way? In these pages Gem and Alan Fadling outline eight key questions that offer deep insight into how we experience soul change. These questions open the door to spiritual transformation. They help us unpack where we are stuck, where we are in pain, where we are afraid, and much more. They also reveal the path to joy and to the heart of God. Spiritual inventories and exercises will guide you, along with stories from Gem and Alan’s lives and their ministry together through Unhurried Living. “Embarking on a journey of transformation involves remaining awake to a deeper level of reality that is always present,” write the Fadlings. “Remaining on this journey requires a simpler, God focus. These eight questions about transformation can help us cultivate this kind of deeper awareness and soul focus. These paths help keep us on the journey of transformation. They keep us in the presence of the transforming One.” This practical, personal book offers a path to understanding what God wants to reveal in your soul.

Oh, this book was absolutely wonderful. I love the layout of the book – alternative questions to guide you through to the main question. Each question is a chapter that follows the themes of desire, resistance, vulnerability, truth, pain, fear, control, and joy in finding what your soul loves. Each chapter has summaries, exercises, and guided questions to help dive into the Word and shape your spiritual life. This book challenges you and encourages you to find purpose in your life – especially through the theology of God’s word and His works in your life. This is the type of book that you can come back to over and over and get something new out of it every time you read it. I highly recommend it!

5/5 Stars

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