A Prairie Devotional by Wendi Lou Lee

Whenever I would stay home sick from school I would always watch Little House on the Prairie. When I saw that Wendi aka Baby Grace had released a devotional, I was so excited!

I want to thank Thomas Nelson for gifting me a copy in exchange for my honest review.

Synopsis: Loyalty, hard work, and love of God, neighbor, and country have never been more cherished or needed. For nostalgic fans who seek a more meaningful way of life, A Prairie Devotional offers deep lessons drawn from the beloved TV series. For the first time, fans of the Little House TV series have a spiritual resource based on its rich themes of faith and family. Author and former child actress Wendi Lou Lee, who played baby Grace on the TV show, offers unique stories and insights, giving readers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the hearts and souls of the characters. For nostalgic fans who seek a simpler, more meaningful way of life, A Prairie Devotional offers powerful life lessons. Blending personal anecdotes with stories and quotes from the TV show, Scripture verses, and thought-provoking questions, Wendi Lou Lee invites reflection on the ideas that made the TV series so popular: soothing broken relationships, keeping your head up in challenging situations, and relying on God’s guidance when life looks impossible. With more than 90 devotions, A Prairie Devotional is an inspirational compilation of heartwarming material that lifelong fans will love.

I thought this was beautifully done. The devotions are short yet packed with important takeaways and reminders from God’s Word. To read about the trials and tribulations that Wendi has gone through is amazing as you see what she has become because of it. She has become stronger than ever and is such an inspiration to all. Those who loved the series and those who are in need of some encouragement, this is for you!

4.5/5 Stars

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