What Kind of Quiz Book Are You? by Rachel McMahon

My friend Emma and I would google search quizzes all the time in high school to send back and forth to each other because they are just so dang fun! If only we had this book back then, we’d never get anything done. I thoroughly enjoy taking the BuzzFeed quizzes online, so I was super pumped to give this a try!

Thank you Atria books for gifting me a copy in exchange for my honest review.

Synopsis: Who hasn’t clicked on an online quiz that suggests your choice of Pop Tart flavor (or favorite Jonas brother) will reveal your relationship status or hidden personality traits? (Hint: hundreds of millions of people have done this, and counting!) Perfect for all ages and backgrounds, this fun, light-hearted, and thought-provoking collection features both brand new and popular quizzes directly from BuzzFeed’s viral sensation Rachel McMahon. Featuring additional irreverent commentary and breakdowns of quiz outcomes not previously published on such topics as who is your celebrity boyfriend based on what frozen yogurt you like to finding out whether you are more Phineas or Ferb based on your favorite sandwich toppings, What Kind of Quiz Book Are You? is an entertaining and laugh-out-loud collection like no other, destined to become as addictive as coloring books.

I’ve been so excited about this book. I brought it along with me on my recent long car trip to entertain myself and my family. As much as I loved the goofiness and quirkiness of the quizzes, I was left a little disappointed. Maybe it was just me, but every quiz I took, I scored even on all of the responses! For example, the quiz answers would say “If you answered mostly A’s you are….If you answered mostly B’s you are…If you answered mostly C’s….” For each quiz I took – I was all of them, A, B, C, you name it! Every single time! Frustrating! I tried taking the quizzes a bunch of different ways to prevent it from happening, but it was no use. I absolutely love the concept of this book, but I was left high and dry. Maybe there needed to be more quizzes with an odd number of questions? I’ll just stick to taking them on BuzzFeed I guess or look for another edition in the future.

2/5 Stars

2 thoughts on “What Kind of Quiz Book Are You? by Rachel McMahon

  1. Oh what a shame! This seems like such a cool idea… Perhaps you are the ultimate swing quizzer – if you were a state, you would probably have every TV station and prospective presidential candidate visiting.


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