The Gift of Wonder by Christine Aroney-Sine

Going through a tough time in life, I tend to forget the joy in life. That joy can be seen through many different aspects, but a time like this is where I need a good reminder.

Thank you Intervarsity Press for my gifted copy in exchange for my honest review.

Synopsis: I choose to breathe in the wonder of God’s eternal love, And dance to the rhythm of eternal breath, Listening to the whispers calling me to slow down and take notice. I choose to absorb the beauty of the divine presence, to delight in the Creator of all things and relish the delight God takes in me. Can you imagine a God who dances with shouts of joy, laughs when you laugh, loves to play, enjoys life, and invites us to join the fun? Like many of us, Christine Sine had spent many years with an image of God who was “a very serious, workaholic type of God.” And even when her theology told her this was not true, she struggled to live into this new way of thinking. What she needed was a childlike spirituality. In this book, Christine Sine, online host of the Godspace community, invites us to pay attention to childlike characteristics that have the power to reshape us. Each chapter addresses a childlike characteristic to embrace, including delight, playfulness, imagination, awe and wonder, love of nature, the ability to live in the present, and much more. Fresh spiritual practices that engage all our senses help us live a new spiritual life that embraces the wonder and joy that God intends for us. 

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Scientist because I find perfection and beauty in nature. Maybe that’s the enneagram one in me as well. Because of my perfectionism, I seem to forget the beauty of creativity. I know it’s within me, but I don’t spend time to acknowledge it. This book really helped me with that. It was the perfect reminder that God has given us each the gift of creativity in one form or another and we can find such joy when we actually use it. Because of this book, I’ve been able to go out this summer with this childlike notion to HAVE FUN and BE ADVENTUROUS because God delights in that as well! What a refreshing read!

5/5 Stars

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