Books By Deb Brandon

The beauty of creating a blog is the connections that you get to meet with others. For me, its the new relationships with authors and publishers that I would’ve never imagined I would’ve been able to connect with.

I’m really thankful for She Writes Press and Schiffer Publishing for gifting me my copies of Deb’s books in exchange for my honest review.

But My Brain Had Other Ideas: If you really loved Abby Maslin’s latest book “Love You Hard” like myself, then you’re going to want to read this. As a scientist, I have become addicted to learning more about brain injury with the release and great reviews of these books as they exemplify how incredible and intricate the brain really is. Deb’s story is truly remarkable and the way she shared her story to the world was truly poetic and heartwarming. Loved this book!

Threads Around The World: I grew up knitting and sewing thanks to my best friend, her mother, and my grandma. I feel like I never expand my cultural horizons enough so I was super excited to receive this book. It has amazing pictures and illustrations capturing artists creating their work as well as stunning finished products. There are so many cool facts about how each of the 25 cultures featured creates their different work of art and how unique each technique truly is. I have gained so much more appreciation for artists around the globe after reading this book.

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