Sensible Shoes Book Studies by Sharon Garlough Brown

The Sensible Shoes series is quite a big deal in the christian world. These books have been a great resource for women all over the globe in growing in their faith. The latest edition to this series is the bible study guide companions and I’m so excited for them. This review will focus most on them as they are new to the publishing world!

Thank you InterVarsity Press for gifting me copies in exchange for my honest review.

Let me start by giving a quick rundown of what this series is about: These books talk about the life journeys of Hannah, Meg, Mara and Charissa as they grow in “friendship, spiritual truths, and a deeper life with God.” These women start out as four strangers who connect on a level they could never imagine before.

I have taken some time to dive into these books and work through the study guides. They are comprehensive and thorough in the best way possible. Each study guide is mirrored after the book with the same name. The study guides have a 5-day week focus with reflective questions, bible readings, and prayer. It’s exactly what I would want in a bible study. These books are an excellent companion to the original books as it pushes you to think critically about your friendships and spiritual life. I think the books themselves had you contemplating these thoughts, but the study guides really challenge you to see how they really apply to your life and how you can change and grow for the better. I’ve been really excited to share these with the women in my church group. I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t get something beneficial out of any of these studies. They’re eye-opening and come highly recommended!

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