God’s Word to Dream On by Diane Stortz

I’ve been searching for a great Easter book for my daughter that will last through the years. I was so excited to get this in the mail!

Thank you Tommy Nelson for gifting me a copy in exchange for my honest review.

Brief Synopsis: Hearing Bible stories read out loud at bedtime is often a child’s first introduction to spending time with God’s Word—and the effects can last a lifetime. In God’s Words to Dream On, bestselling author Diane Stortz (The Sweetest Story Bible) and incredible illustrator Diane Le Feyer offer a vibrant combination of story and picture with a “once upon a time” voice that stays true to God’s powerful Word. Fifty-two stories take children ages 4–8 through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in a way that helps young readers see God’s plan from before Creation to send Jesus to make the world right again. These carefully chosen stories teach children about God’s provision, love, and strength—the perfect truths to be in their hearts as they drift off to sleep.

I feel like I have read a lot of children’s bible short stories lately, and this is one of my favorites! It has the most beautiful artwork! I haven’t seen something so wonderful in a long time! Let alone, the COVER! I didn’t know it by seeing pictures of it online, but the cover is actually glittery! So cool! I love how the book not only keeps the gospel truth at lengths that children of all ages can listen to, but also has small prayers to say after reading the stories, short bedtime summaries of each story, and small bible verse blessing to say throughout. This book will be cherished for a while in our household.

5/5 Stars

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