A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible by Tim Challies and Josh Byers

How many books have you read where you wish it could’ve existed years ago? This is one of those for me!

Thank you Zondervan books for gifting me a copy in exchange for my honest review.

Synopsis from Goodreads: For a beautiful, approachable, informative presentation of the concepts and principles of Scripture–turn to any page of A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible and be instantly immersed in the visuals and teachings of God’s Word.A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible is not only a wonderful introduction to the Christian life, it is a functioning guide for understanding and living out your faith. You’ll see how the Bible is put together, why the authors wrote each book, and what all of it means for your life today. What’s more, you’ll learn why the Bible can be trusted and how to answer common criticisms of the Bible. Used in conjunction with Tim Challies and Josh Byers’ bestselling book, Visual Theology, this unique resource helps you connect the truth of the Bible to your life, showing how God’s eternal truth leads to life change and transformation.

This just happens to be the first book I have read by these two authors. I hadn’t heard of Visual Theology until I picked up this book. I saw that this book was being released and knew I wanted to get my hands on it! This book is amazing! You can really see all of the hard work and dedication put into each and every page of this book. It’s absolutely stunning. This book is perfect for people of all walks of faith. The visual word maps are so appeasing for this teacher-brain like myself. It’s super informative and yet so easy to understand. I wish I had this book ages ago to help show and teach my peers how to read and understand the Bible, where to find specific themes in the bible to help answer your pressing questions, and how to live out your life based on what God is teaching us through his Word. I will be bringing this book with me everywhere. There’s always someone, myself included, who has a pressing question about God’s Word that this book will help to answer. I highly recommend this book and I am so thrilled to have this in my home to teach my children about the Bible as they grow.

5/5 Stars

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