Jesus Calling Botanical Cover by Sarah Young

My mother gifted me a copy of Jesus Calling a few years back once I graduated college. This has been something that has sat on my desk at work ever since. It’s an important book in my library. Seeing this new cover was something I had to get my hands on.

To be honest, I have seen reviews all over the place for Jesus Calling. I want to share that my experiences reading Jesus Calling have been positive. While I don’t think this is God speaking directly as if this was a bible, I do believe that this is evidence of the Holy Spirit working through Sarah. I also can’t deny that this text is use of the Holy Spirit working through me. I can open a page to the current date and feel that it fits my life so perfectly. Coincidence? Maybe…but it’s something small that helps me get through the day. This edition is absolutely stunning and made so well. The blue-edge pages and cloth cover are gorgeous. I will be gifting this to my friends and family who love this book as well.

Thank you Thomas Nelson for sending me a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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