Night Night Bible Stories by Amy Parker

Surprise bookmail is the best bookmail! Thank you Thomas Nelson for my gifted copy!

Night time stories are wonderful – they do a great job at relating to the kiddos and winding them down for the evening slumber. This book is no exception. I love how it sums up popular bible stories and then ends with a prayer and little things to say “night night” to. The ending of each story is my favorite. The pictures are beautiful, but I wish there were a few more. There are a little too many words and not enough pictures for my almost 2 year old daughter, but I think she will enjoy it more when she gets older.

Amy shared with me that one of her favorite children’s books is The Giving Tree, so you have to know she’s genuine! Kids are going to really enjoy this one – make sure to get a copy soon!

4/5 Stars

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