2019 Lent Resources

Lent season is upon us! I have spent hours leading up to lent to try and figure out what to eliminate. My husband and I have gone back and forth on multiple things. The one thing that we can agree on is to add more of Christ in our life. If we come to a conclusion of something to “get rid of”, then it’s great. But, my focus is currently stepping into the Word and talking about it all day long, exposing God’s love to my family. I have a few resources that I have been graciously gifted by InterVarsity press that I want to share with you in hopes that it may encourage you to do the same. Be sure to comment and share with me one of your favorite resources for Lent!

The Art of Lent by Sister Wendy Beckett:

This one is probably my favorite resource this year (and what I will be using for many years to come)! This is a small book that provides a classic or modern painting a day with a themed written passage. The book is set-up into six weeks focusing on Silence, Contemplation, Peace, Joy, Confidence, and Love. The selected art is among some of my favorite paintings. The passages are filled with biblical truth and honesty. They are short passages that help you to contemplate and focus on God throughout the day. I read these to my family every morning at breakfast. Even my toddler gets a lot out of this: she adores the paintings and we talk about them all day. This is a must-have for the lent season. 5/5 Stars

Lent Talks: A Collection of Broadcasts from BBC Radio 4

I love podcasts and national radio programs. I appreciate anything from BBC Radio. This little book has a large mix of previous radio recordings that focus on the season of lent. The main question throughout is: What does lent mean to you? What I like about this book is that it is also set up in weekly themes, but you can really pick and choose what to read as it pertains to you. I will admit that I am not theologically sound when it comes to the bible. I can’t recite annotations in passages or speak with critique on certain translations. Some of these radio broadcast felt like they went a little over my head because of that. I couldn’t relate to all of them, but they all provided me with superb reflection questions and a new light on the events leading up to Easter. I learned quite a lot. I would love a playlist that you could access to go along with this book. 3.5/5 Stars

Messy Easter by Jane Leadbetter

This book is advertised as a church tool, helping Sunday School teachers teach the season of lent and Easter to children through crafts, worship, and even sharing a meal. I help with the littlest of children at church and have one at home myself. I’ve been using this resource in numerous ways. The hands-on activities has helped engage my child and brought on spiritual conversations that foster the love of Christ in church and inside my home. Messy Cream Eggs was one of our favorite arts-and-crafts to do with the kids. The reading comes with a how-to, as well as stories to share with the kids about how the activity relates to Easter. I will be using this every year! I love it! 5/5 Stars

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