We Told Six Lies by Victoria Scott INTERVIEW!

I think people tend to forget how wonderful mysteries and thrillers are in young adult novels. I’m here to revive your beliefs! Thank you Entangled Teen for my free copy! This was such a fun read, and I was blessed with the opportunity to interview the author Victoria Scott! Check it out:

1. What inspired you to become a writer?A love of books! It was the only love I’ve had my entire life outside of my family.

2. What is the hardest thing about being a writer? Easiest thing?Hardest is sticking with a manuscript through the doubts. Easiest is those first few pages, when the words fly.

3. What inspired you to write We Told Six Lies?I got the idea for Molly in my head – this strange manipulative character in my head – and couldn’t let her go. I had to tell her story. 

4. What do you hope readers take away from reading We Told Six Lies?Honestly? My only wish for my readers is that they lose themselves for a few good hours. Life can be hard, and reading is a beautiful escape.

5. Did you get to choose the cover? (It’s gorgeous by the way!)I didn’t, but I’m absolutely in love with it! I’ve been blessed by the cover gods once again.

Go pick up your copy of We Told Six Lies today!

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