A Grave Peril by Wendy Roberts

Here comes book three of the Bodies of Evidence series! If you’ve been following my blog long enough, you know how much I’ve enjoyed this series.

A big thank you to Wendy herself for sending me a copy of the book (and dowsing rods which I’m so excited about!) in exchange for my honest review.

Julie is finally ready to get back into dowsing for bodies (yay!). She’s got a few good cases to get her feet wet, and she’s feeling pretty good about it. At the same time, her FBI boyfriend Garrett is in a bit of trouble. He was immediately removed from an important case and it leaves Julie suspicious. Turns out, the case involves Garrett’s ex-wife Faith’s brother and the drug cartel. Despite saying he’s off the case, Garrett goes missing a few times without leaving notes or having a phone for Julie to get in contact with him. She’s now more suspicious than ever. He’s even come home pretty beaten up and hasn’t mentioned a word in edge-wise as to how it happened. Is he trying to work the case himself? Is he in contact with his ex-brother-in-law? Was he ever really off the case? What does this all mean for Julie and Garrett’s relationship since the ex-wife’s family is back in the picture?

I think this was my favorite book of the series yet! If you liked Verity by Colleen Hoover, you will enjoy this book. The story line isn’t the same, but the writing and the suspense is similar (in a good and unique way). I read the entire book in one sitting, it’s that good. I was on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, trying to think of what Garrett was doing and what he was hiding from Julie. The great thing about this series is that you can jump in with any book and not feel lost. I really don’t like when I have to read a previous novel to feel caught up in a story. That’s not the case here. Yes, it helps to know where Julie’s past and how much she has grown since the first book, but it isn’t needed to enjoy this book. I could kind of guess where the mystery was heading mid-way through, but it didn’t keep me from loving the book. I can’t wait for book four!

5/5 Stars

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