The Perfect Liar by Thomas Christopher Greene

This was a highly anticipated read for me this year! Thank you St Martin’s Press for sending me a copy in exchange for my honest review.

Susannah comes home to a note on the front door that says “I know who you are”. She’s quite suspicious about this as her and her most recent husband Max have a past that maybe they really aren’t able to hide from. A second note comes at their door saying “Did you get away with it?” Now, it’s getting personal. Max has a darker past than Susannah and he doesn’t want her to know about it. He is suspicious of one of his coworkers…does he know what happened? Does he know his true identity? What lengths will he go to cover his tracks?

I must say, this book had me saying “what the heck?!” out loud quite a few times. While I was left in confusion, I really could not stop reading it. I just had to know what Max was going to do! I couldn’t walk away from it even with my frustrations on where the story was going. I’m still left thinking about it days afterwards. I have so many lingering questions! I’d love to chat with you, those who have read it or do plan to read it. My head is spinning on this one. I especially want to talk about that fox scene (you’ll see what I mean). 

2.5/5 Stars

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