A Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne

I’m always captivated by John Boyne’s stories. I was excited for this novel to be released. A story of deceit and manipulation? Sounds perfect to me!

Thank you Crown Publishing for my free copy in exchange for my honest review.

Maurice is immediately liked by all with his good looks and charm. He’s almost too good at convincing people to like him. The one thing he isn’t good at is writing. It’s something he’s always wanted to do, but he needs some help to get the fame he thinks he deserves. This story is all about the people Maurice encounters and what he will do (you’ll be surprised at what he won’t do) to become well known and achieve success. Maurice isn’t who you think he is.

Don’t get me wrong, John Boyne has a talent for writing. This book was beautifully written! I just did not care for the story-line nor the characters. Maybe it was the way the book was written between alternate viewpoints at random times? I knew Maurice was going to be a terrible person from pretty early on in the book, but I just didn’t want to read anymore about how terrible he truly was. He was just destroying people one after another. It was hard to keep me engaged. I think I went into this with high hopes and was left a little disappointed.

3/5 Stars

3 thoughts on “A Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne

  1. Nice review! I felt mostly the same. Maurice seemed like one of those love-to-hate villains, but I just hated him. The writing was great, and I liked the literary aspects, but I got so tired of Maurice, so fast!


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