The Winters by Lisa Gabriele

I’m a huge Alfred Hitchcock fan, so I obviously had to get my hands on this book after I heard it was based off of the book-turned-movie Rebecca.

A young woman is working for a boat company when she runs into Max Winters, a famous New York Senator. They spend time together which soon leads into a whisking romance with a quick engagement. Meanwhile, Dani, Max’s teenage daughter, is having a hard time getting over the death of her mother, Max’s first wife Rebekah. You would almost think that Rebekah was still around. What happened to Rebekah? Will the young woman ever feel like she belongs in her new family?

It’s a little slow to start in my opinion (I had to push myself along at first, not going to lie), but enjoyed this modern take on the classic regardless. The plot was well done and worth the read if you’re a Rebecca fan. It’s just a little longer than it needed to be. On the other hand, I’m absolutely in love with the cover! I don’t think I could find myself reading this one again. I’d rather read Rebecca, honestly.

3/5 Stars

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