Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda

I want to thank Graydon House (Harlequin Books) and Get Red PR for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for my review.

Marriage is an adventure – get ready for this big one! This story takes place all in one day. Paul has what seems like a wonderful marriage. He’s married to Mia and they have two beautiful sons. Tensions have seemed a little high lately so Paul has planned the Best Day Ever for Mia and him. They hire a babysitter and go out of town to stay at their cabin to reconnect with one another. It seems to be your typical marital stress – but not for long. Just wait and see what twist this book has coming for you!

I thought it was a little slow at first – your typical marriage plot. They had little quarrels here and there, nothing really seemed out of the ordinary. It didn’t take until 25% of the way through where I started to catch on – it wasn’t your typical marriage. In fact, Paul isn’t your typical husband…typical MAN in fact! That’s all I want to say about it because I don’t want to ruin the shock for you. I certainly was fooled in the beginning! This book is available now – out in paperback August 21, 2018.

4/5 Stars

4 thoughts on “Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda

  1. Well, i’m intrigued! Lately i’ve been reading thrillers based on married couples…
    I think i had this book on my Anti-Valentine’s Day list in Feb, but still haven’t managed to read it 😀

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