The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton


The Hardcastle family is hosting a masquerade ball and you are invited. Thank you to netgalley and Sourcebooks for allowing me to read this in exchange for my review.

Evelyn Hardcastle has returned from Paris and her parents are throwing a masquerade to celebrate. Only, the ending of this party isn’t as extravagant as you can imagine. The story starts off as Aiden (currently a guest named Sebastian) who wakes up in the woods to find that Anna is missing and presumed dead. He doesn’t remember who Alice is nor remembers who he is. Before long, he meets the Hardcastle family and starts to piece the mystery together before he wakes up in a different body, seeing the same story happen over again. He keeps waking up in a different body, trying to solve the murder. Who is Anna? Will Aiden ever solve the mystery? How long will it take?

I actually went in on this blindly. I was extremely intrigued about the story at first, but got kind of lost and bored after the main event happened (the first death). I was actually caught off guard once I realized Aiden became a new person the next day and I was intrigued all over again. What a roller coaster ride! I think this is the coolest premise for a story and would make a wonderful movie to watch (kind of like Clue!). It’s a nail bitter! You find yourself rooting for Aiden to solve the murder each time and maybe going slightly crazy when he wakes up in a new body. This is a must-read for the year – highly recommended!

4/5 Stars

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