Why I Chose THIS Planner


I’m a high school science teacher, mom to a one year old, and a chronic illness warrior. I have a lot of stuff going on in my life that needs some organization. I ‘spent days looking at planners for this upcoming school year and finally have decided on one. I wanted to share with you the planner I chose and why I got it in hopes it would help someone else out, like myself.

I wanted a planner that did not have rings. I take the planner with me everywhere I go and the rings on the planners got bent so quickly and the planner become less functional. That narrowed down my options quite quickly. I then wanted a weekly horizontal planner. I am so used to writing in a horizontal planner since I have been doing that my whole life. I also wanted a planner that had a place to track my habits as well as budgeting. It was getting harder and harder to chose a planner like that. I was torn between two:

The Plum Paper Planner

Inkwell Press Planner

Plum Paper had so many add-on options and beautiful colors, but it had rings where as Inkwell Press had a hardbound book, included the add-ons, AND was cheaper! Problem solved!

It has a monthly habit tracker for me to record my exercise, water intake, prayer and quiet time, reading schedule, and more! It has a wonderful geometric design for goal tracking each month in all areas of life (work, health, social, etc.). It has a yearly budget sheet at the end to keep track of bill paying!

I’m really happy with my selection and can’t wait to start setting it up for the school year. Click here to get $10 off your order. It’s currently free shipping with a $40 purchase. I used this link and got a free set of stickers with my journal.

The journal I selected was the 2018-2019 Coil Free Weekly Planner. Check it out!

*This post is all my own opinions and not affiliated with the company itself.

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