The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang


Bookstagram has been enticing my to-be-read pile lately, and this one was next up on the list.

Stella is excellent at math skills, but not so great at social skills. Stella has Asperger’s Syndrome and is desperate to find a true relationship. She just isn’t sure how to get one. Her parents keep hooking her up on blind dates that don’t end well. She’s ready for a change and decides to hire an escort to help her. He’s hot and charming, and totally knows his way around a girl’s body. Can Stella learn how to fall in love, or is she doing it all on her own anyways? Will Michael, her escort, be willing to help her with her social skills? His normally a one-and-done escort… but is this time different?

This was super cute! It was exactly what I needed. It’s a steamy, sexy, unique contemporary romance book that I could not put down. It wasn’t gushy and it wasn’t predictable. Although, I did kind of predict the ending…but it was the kind of ending you wanted to happen! The Asperger’s was described perfectly. If you’re in the mood for a out-of-the-ordinary romance with sex and true relationship development, this book is for you. Not my typical go to (although I read tons of romance novels as a teenager), but I would totally read it again! It’s just so adorable and completely raw.

5/5 Stars

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