Most Wanted by Lisa Scottoline


My aunt went to the library today and called me for some latest thriller suggestions. Unfortunately, my top choices had a huge hold list at the library, so she decided to go for a Lisa Scottoline book. That made me think of this one I read recently!

Christine is a teacher by trade, and wants to be a mother so badly. Her and her husband Marcus can’t conceive naturally, so they go for a sperm donor. They spend a lot of time picking out the best father-to-be and settle on what they believe to be a perfect match. Everything’s working out in their favor and Christine becomes pregnant! Bad news? She sees what looks to be her sperm donor on the news. He’s being accused for murder charges. Christine starts to panic and just has to find out if he really is the father of her unborn child. She will do anything to find the truth. Is he really the father? Is she willing to put her marriage and life at stake to find out?

This was a fun read! I loved every minute of it. It was a fast-paced, easy read. I was engaged the entire time and felt like I was best friends with Christine. I was with her every step of the way through her dangerous endeavors. I also resonated with the fact that she was a teacher AND I read this while I was a few weeks pregnant myself. Regardless of those facts, this was a wonderful, entertaining read. I could see this being a lifetime movie for sure, haha.

5/5 Stars

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