Half Moon Bay by Alice LaPlante


This sounds deep…..was this a smart choice to read?

Thank you Netgalley and Scribner for letting me read this novel in exchange for my review.

The story starts off with Jane having flashbacks and living in the current time. Jane is remembering the horrid past of her losing her daughter at a young age. In current times, a little girl in her neighborhood has been found dead. She had thought that moving to Half Moon Bay may be the cure for her depressed state of life. Unfortunately, the chain of events continues…more children disappear and Jane starts to see herself in a lot more of her neighbors as time goes on. Can she truly heal?

Honestly, this was the most choppy read I’ve ever experienced. It was creepy, yet predictable. I could not get my head into the story one bit. I was bored and not intrigued. It was so confusing and depressing…the story just jumped all over the place. I was sadly disappointed by this read and do not recommend it. Sorry!

1/5 Stars

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