Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris


A huge thanks to St Martin Press and Lindsay’s Books for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest review!

Happy Publication Day to Bring Me Back! Isn’t the cover gorgeous?!

This novel flips back and forth between past and present, focusing in on a missing person’s case. Finn and Layla are driving on vacation and stop at a rest stop. Finn felt weird about the stop (felt unsafe), but figured he would go to the bathroom as quick as possible and head back on the road. As he was gone, his girlfriend Layla went missing, living behind a small Russian stacking doll (something Layla had ever since she was little). Flash forward a couple of years to where Finn is trying to recover from the incident, having been excused of murdering her. He is now dating Layla’s sister Ellen, something quite scandalous by most. They are to get married soon, although Finn doesn’t feel 100% about the decision. In fact, signs that Layla is still alive start to happen. More Russian dolls start appearing, people are seeing her on the streets, Finn starts to get emails from her, it’s getting werid. Is she still alive? Is Ellen hiding something? What truly happened to Layla that day? Is Finn all he’s cracked up to be?

To be honest, I have other books by B.A. Paris, but I haven’t read them yet. I know, I know, I need to get on that right away. I have seen mixed reviews about this book…I feel like I’m in the middle. The book is short and super fast paced. It’s literally the most perfect summer read. Even if things seemed to be dragging out (the past storylines of his love for Layla, or the current storylines of his relationship with Ellen), you don’t want to put the book down. That, to me, is a sign of a good book! The ending…I’m still unsure what to make of it! Most people have said it’s “ludicrous”. I can’t say that, but it sure is pretty wild. Honestly, I highly suggest reading it and see for yourself. I don’t think you will regret it! I may not read it a second time, but I look forward to reading more by Paris in the near future!

3.5/5 Stars


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