Ghosted by Rosie Walsh

A much needed break from murder mysteries brng me to this romance novel with a hint of mystery still alive. Let’s be honest, me not reading a mystery novel? Hard to come by these days!

Thank you penguin for granting me this first to read early access!

Sarah and Eddie have spent 7 perfect days together. They are completely in love and already start talking about what their future may hold. Sarah has to leave for a quick vacation and Eddie promises he will be waiting for her when she gets back. Problem is, he “ghosts” her. He doesn’t show up, he doesn’t call. Nothing. What happened to him? Their love seemed so perfect? Why didn’t he call? What went wrong? Sarah needed this relationship to work because she had never felt love like this, not even in her long marriage with her ex-husband! What’s a girl to do…

This book had me all emotional! It brought back a ton of memories from my high school relationships of boys just going missing for days after confessing their love. The thoughts that run through your mind! I was right with Sarah the entire time. I wanted to be her best friend and help her through the mystery. I totally agreed with her through every thought. I felt for both of them. My heart poured out while reading this; something I was in dire need of a book to help me do. There’s nothing like an emotional read to make you feel human. The book jumps around a lot, so it’s something you have to really pay attention to when you read. I’m more of a person who loves a free-flowing story and would’ve loved to read this story in order, but it didn’t completely ruin the read for me.

4.5/5 Stars

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