The Big Book of Female Detectives Edited by Otto Penzler


My parents would always read me short stories or chapters before bedtime growing up and it is some of the fondest memories that I cherish deeply. I’m always on the lookout for short story and chapter books for my daughter and I to read together when she grows up and I hit the lottery with this one!

Thank you Netgalley and Knopf Publishing for this read for my honest review.

Ponder has put together short stories (including a few chapters each) of multiple generations of famous women detectives. The stories start from the Victorian Era and travel all the way up to modern day “Bad Girls”. Ponder starts each story with a small history of what’s taking place in the story to help paint a picture in your mind of what is to come. It also describes details about the author and when the story was published. Each story includes a few chapters of mystery, suspense, and thrill to engage your mind and plop you into the world of crime.

I seriously am in heaven. This is such a wonderful piece of work! I am a huge mystery/crime buff when it comes to fiction, so this is my dream come true. I can’t believe something like this hasn’t been done sooner! I cannot WAIT to get my hands on the physical copy and share these stories every night with my daughter. I would highly encourage a male version of this too, just because the content is so rich and I’m sure fathers and sons would enjoy reading this together. Heck, I would LOVE to read it! Any mystery lover, short story lover, and history buff would love this book. A must read!

5/5 Stars

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