Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart


I DEVOURED We Were Liars when it first came out. I read that book in one day. I could not BELIEVE the ending! If you haven’t read it yet, stop here and go read it right now. You won’t regret it. When I saw that Lockhart had a new novel coming out, I quickly put it on my to-be-read list.

Jule is on the run from something we are uncertain of at first. She disguieses herself as her ex-best friend Imogen to get away from people who she believes are following her. The story travels back in time where you learn that Imogen was a girl who shared much of her life with Jule and unfortunately succumbed to suicide. Or did she? They never actually did find her body…What happened to her? And what is Jule running from? She makes up many stories about her life, which is true?

I feel like there are a ton of mixed reviews about this book. I will go ahead and agree with everyone else, We Were Liars is better. Nevertheless, I did enjoy this one too. Lockhart has this super wonderful talent of writing a twist as if you already knew about it which completely catches you off guard. She’s just so nonchallant about things that are a huge shift in the story and you’re left with your jaw on the floor. I just get so caught up in the moment of the story when all of the suddent there’s this subtle dramatic shift and I’m left going crazy about it. I love that! This novel didn’t have as many of those moments as We Were Liars, but it didn’t dissapoint either. I was not a huge fan of the jumping back and forth between past and present times. It started to get a little annoying for me. Towards the middle of the novel, it just kept going back in time further and further instead of starting there in the first place. I was impartial to it. I also did not enjoy the Paolo storyline. He was a very unlikable character and I felt that it just dragged the story out. There are a lot of twisty storylines throughout the book that eventually I didn’t trust what I was reading, which in a way was fun to read about, but also frustrating when you really just want to know what happened. The Paolo storyline really kept me disinterested in the story from then on. All in all, like most people who have read this, I’m still confused as to what I should believe. Interesting read for sure!

3/5 Stars

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