The Ex-Wife by Jess Ryder


Thank you netgalley and Bookouture for the read for my honest review. I greatly appreciate it!

Natasha is happily married to Nick with a beaufitul daughter named Emily. The only thing starting to stand in the way is Nick’s ex-wife Jennifer. Jen is starting to come back into Nick’s life, and you find out that truly began when Nick and Natasha had their baby. You see, Nick had an affair with Natasha, got pregnant, and divorced Jen to be with her. The thing is, Nick and Emily show up missing one day and Natasha is desperate to find out what happened to them. Was it Jen? Was it Nick? Was it Nick’s family who despise Natasha from ruining a perfect marriage? Was it someone else completely?

There were surely a ton of twists in this novel! Not too many, not too little. My favorite!! I am not a huge fan of multiple point of view reads, but this one was different because it had a past and present viewpoint which was something I could easily follow. I was confused about the plot at first, but it quickly picked up around chapter 4 and just went nuts from there. I caught on to the story, but still couldn’t manage to predict the ending. WHEW! It’s prettttty crazy! Even if you read one of the last chapters, you still wouldn’t manage to get the whole picture of what really happened. Every detail in this is crucial and it blows your mind! If you like Girl on the Train, you will surely enjoy this. I would totally read this one again.

5/5 Stars

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