Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon


I’ve been dreaming about my next trip to the beach, and this book comes to mind every time I think of it. I especially am reminded of this book when I dream about a true escape!

Madeline is stuck living at home in a perfect germ-free house because she is allergic to everything. She lives with her mom and has a nurse who visits often. She doesn’t remember ever going outside. Her house is full of windows so she’s able to see a lot, but never really feel what it’s like. All of that changes when the boy next door moves in. She is able to chat with him online for awhile until they finally get to meet. And, as you guessed, she falls in love and she’s ready to get out of the house by all means necessary. What happens when she does leave the house? Is her illness as serious as she’s thought her entire life?

I originally picked this book out because I have a bunch of chronic illnesses myself. I, too, am allergic to a lot of things, but don’t have as severe of a reaction as painted in this book. I also really loved The Fault in Our Stars and figured this would be pretty similar. It is similar in a few ways, but also completely different all on it’s own. I loved this book so much. The character development, the relationships between her mom, her nurse, and the boy next door, the romance…all of it was magical. I never wanted the book to end. And when it did? OH MY GOSH. I still haven’t picked my jaw off the floor. It has the biggest twist that I truly NEVER saw coming. If anything, that should be the reason you read this book. Just don’t watch the movie, NOT a fan AT ALL (sorry!).

5/5 Stars

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