The Wake Trilogy by Lisa McMann


My favorite hobby is sleep. Honestly, it probably truly is. I love to sleep and I could sleep my entire life away if I let myself! I especially love dreaming. Back in high school, my best friend and I would go for a walk every single day just to share each other our dreams in vivid detail. To say I’m obsessed with sleep and dreams is an understatement. I have been given the gift of vivid dreaming so I could go on and on reminiscing about the dreams I’ve had in my life. When I found this series, I thought I had met heaven.

The Wake Trilogy is a tale about Janie who gets sucked into people’s dreams when she gets around them. Without giving away anything, here is a quick synopsis of the three books: The first book “Wake” introduces Janie and her secret and reveals the captivating relationship between her and Cabel, a boy who’s going through a tough time AND having pretty insane nightmares that Janie gets sucked into. The second novel “Fade” delves deeper into their connection with each other and Janie gets to learn more about what the rest of her life will entail being a “dream catcher”. The third novel “Gone” takes place after Janie is out of high school and reveals the true meaning of what’s in store for the rest of her life, something that keeps you on the edge of your seat and biting your fingernails for sure.

I freaking love this series. I loved everything about it. I fell in love with Cabel and I wanted to be Janie so badly. It kept me thinking for years about what it would be like to get sucked into people’s dreams when I would pass someone sleeping in public. How insane! Lisa’s writing is whimsy and beautiful and kept me coming back for more. I actually grabbed the first book a week after it was released so I actually had to wait for the other two to be published. Longest wait of my life! The second novel was so good, that I was super nervous for what she had in store for her third novel just because the possibilities were endless. Let me just say, the ending is the most emotional thing you will ever come across. Go pick this up right now. In fact, I may go just read it for the millionth time again!

5/5 Stars

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