Lies She Told by Cate Holahan


Books with twists are my guilty pleasure. I’m obsessed with them as of lately. I had heard that this was full of them so I, of course, dove right in.

Lies She Told is a story about an author (pretty cool set-up in a novel) who is simutaneously writing a book while living out her life. The novel is set-up so that every other chapter is either her novel or about her personal life. In her personal life, her husband’s coworker is missing and it’s causing conflict in their marriage. At the same time, she’s second guessing as to what truly is going on with her real life vs. what’s going on in her novel. There are a BUNCH of twists in the end that I don’t necessarily want to give away here that involve finding out what happened to the coworker and who is at fault.

This was a super easy read. I finished it in just a few hours one night while my husband was playing his new video game (hah!). The problem with this one, for me, was that there were TOO many twists. It was like the author got too excited about the story line and couldn’t make up her mind as to what she wanted the ending to be. The storyline seemed to go back and forth SO many times, I was actually getting frustrated about it. I was almost mad that I wasted my evening reading it. I will be forward and say I’m not a huge fan of multiple viewpoints in stories and I actually read the two storylines separate from each other. I actually really appreciated doing that instead of reading both stories at the same time. I did enjoy the storyline of her infertility as I, too, have endometriosis (I am EXTREMELY blessed that I don’t have infertility though thanks to my multiple surgeries I’ve had at a young age). I don’t think it was described as accurately as it could have been, but I can appreciate when author’s put it in their novel. Can’t say I would want to pick this one up ever again.

2.5/5 Stars

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